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Posted 3 months ago

 The diagonal sensitivity seems to also be wrong after a bit more testing, will this ever get patched? or will the game be forever tainted with bad analog aiming?

Posted 3 months ago

 The Y axis also seems a lot more sensitive than the X axis

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 I'm playing on PS4, X & Y sensitivities are the same (both at 45%) and aim assist is turned off, something is wrong when doing small movements. it feels like diagonal movement is restricted right around the deadzone. My cross hairs move in a square when doing circular movements with the right stick, rather than a circle. Something is definitely wrong compared to ZAT and Sniper Elite. I saw another post on here complaining about it so it can't just be me and my friend.

Posted 3 months ago

I bought Strange Brigade the other day together with a friend since we liked playing ZAT together so much, however there is a huge issue with the game that made us completely stop playing it.

The game has restricted diagonals/axial-deadzones and it makes the gameplay incredibly annoying. Having to move your cross-hair up, left, up, left just to get a headshot instead of just moving it diagonally is just not ok. None of your other games have this issue. I'm honestly incredibly dissapointed and am contemplating a refund, if my friend can't get a hold of a mouse and keyboard to use for the game.

Is there a chance of this ever getting patched? 

I really hope this won't be an issue in Zombie Army 4 Dead War. If Zombie Army 4 uses Strange Brigades aiming then it's honestly a no buy for me and my friends.

Posted 3 months ago


I really liked Zombie Army Trilogy on PS4 and I have some requests for the new game that I'm sure a lot of other people would like as well.

Improved sensitivity settings. ZAT only has regular and scope aim sensitivity sliders for the X and Y axis. Games are adopting a lot more options these days so here are my suggestions (these should be standard for every game in my opinion)

  • Deadzone slider 0% to whatever the default size would be. Circular dead zone and no restricted diagonal movement, Strange Brigade has restricted diagonals/axial-deadzones and it completely ruined the game for me, wouldn't have bought it if I knew that the aiming had been completely botched. 0% means 0 dead zone. Some developers let you put it to none but there is still a dead zone for some reason.

  • Aim acceleration slider. It would be really nice to be able to disable the acceleration jump that happens when you tilt your stick far enough either left or right.

  • Response curve slider. This would be a slider going from 0% to 100%, it would let you change how responsive your aim is.

  • Aim smoothing slider. Just so you can be 100% sure that it is disabled.

  • Make sure that there is no weird jumps in acceleration and that the X and Y sensitivities are equal if you put then at the same spot on the slider.

  • Aim assist toggle. Being able to turn off aim assist would be really nice.

Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends advanced look controls are the golden standard when it comes to controller aiming options, look at those for inspiration and I'm sure you could have even better options than those.

Aiming and shooting with L1 and R1 as an option would also be nice. I already do this trough the accessibility setting on my console. This has become a problem in the later Sniper Elite games however, since you need to hold down L2 slightly to aim with the cross hairs when using a sniper rifle. In ZAT you press R3 to toggle the scope. Adding this as an option in Zombie Army 4 Dead War would be great.

Letting us switch what shoulder we are looking over by pressing L3 while aiming would be a really nice feature. Shoulder swap not being in ZAT felt a bit weird.