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Posted 4 months ago

 Well, the title says it all. As we know, some ports that have come to the Switch have been just terrible. (WWE and Ark come to mind lol). However, Sniper Elite runs very well from my time spent on it.

  • With it being a shooting game, I was excited! Even though it is a third person shooter, it has a unique element when it comes to game play. Instead of your typical run and gun, you play it smart, stealthy, and tactile to complete missions.

  • As far as how the game runs, loading screens don't take long, I did not notice any type of stutters or FPS drops, etc.

  • I enjoy the fact that this game comes with all DLC. It's nice to see this because some game companies are greedy and want us to drop more money for DLC.

  • Only concern is that I don't think the online is going to take off. Over the past two days, I've seen a total of 8 people online, which is enough to fill one lobby. Soooo if you are thinking about buying this game for online play, you may want to wait and see if more people pick this up during a sale. The game does have online co-op, where you can play missions online with someone else, which I found interesting as well!

  • Overall, I'm highly impressed with this Switch port, however, I do think $40 is slightly steep, but I'd rather pay $40 for a good solid port than $60 for a garbage port that doesn't run.