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Posted 4 months ago

 With the ever growing power level and with no apparent cap on how many nemesis tanks can spawn really puts a huge difficulty spike on the game making even short runs on easy feel like playing on hard! Can you maybe limit one nemesis on the map at a time? Like if the level increases to the point that another would spawn the game will wait until the current one is destroyed before spawning the next. Or perhaps spreading the spawn points out so they all are not hovering over a choke point not the map? If not those at least make it so it replaces any mission instead of adding to it. Defend the base missions are hard enough especially with 2 bases to defend adding a nemesis just makes it impossible! Instead have the mission be overwritten by a dual with the nemesis only like the ones you see if Battling on a cleared space. You can even reduce the map size as long as there are no other win conditions besides kill all enemies. I absolutely love the game but I have sunk weeks worth of hours and only managed to clear normal difficulty once! And online play doesn’t help much because there are little to no players on PS4 to play with. I’ve spent half of my gameplay time on just waiting on players to join! I understand why you have it set up the way it is now Putting more emphasis on team play but the game just isn’t popular enough and as a result there are not enough players to warrant this level of difficulty.