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Posted 1 year ago

I don't mean to be unkind but your level of English might be too poor to describe the main problem you are having. 

What is happening that makes it  "not at all playable" ?

and do you mean  "before very long it is not at all playable " ?

Maybe you should get an English  friend to try playing it on your new machine config and to write in here to tell all about the problems he had with the game play.  



Thanks for your answer Saidez.

I am French and I had my question translated by our G**gle friend who is as bad as me for technical words.

I meant that the game starts without any error message but I have to wait 30 seconds for each click to take effect on the menu page. Therefore, I can not even go further in the game.


Posted 1 year ago


Hi, The game (on PC) installs, starts but is very long is not at all playable. But I bought a graphics card on purpose and it's even worse if I try to overclock. I put my config if you can help me a little:    

  • QuadCore AMD FX-4300 processor, 4000 MHz    
  • 12 GB of ram    
  • Radeon RX 580 Series 8GB RAM Graphics Card    
  • All Windows 10pro drivers and up-to-date graphics    

Sniper Elite3 works very well in ULTRA graphics quality 

(Like what one can be computer scientist and stall on some things lol)

thank you in advance