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Posted 1 year ago

I realize historical purists might disagree with me, but I would love to see a few minor changes (or options, rather) to make S/O teams a real possibility in Co-op mode. Currently, the binoculars only do ranging, there's no way to make a wind call.  On the shooter side, the T-Post Special optic is aesthetically the closest thing to a usable scope for adjustments, but doesn't really have any true bullet drop compensation or wind corrections for aiming points.

So, my suggestion is as follows:

+ Wind Indicator on Binoculars

+ Modify T-Post Special to emulate Horus-type reticule with accurate bullet drop compensation and aim points for wind correction on Scope

Now an observer can relay range and wind corrections to a shooter to make adjustments on the fly. Epic.

 You can't miss fast enough.