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Posted 5 months ago - edited 5 months ago by Springday

 The multi is empty on PC too. 

It’s weird, the first week you could find several lobbies, since then it’s been completely deserted. 

Posted 6 months ago

 On PC I can see the usual online players still playing the old game. 

People don’t want to spend 10€ for a better game, it’s a shame. 

Posted 6 months ago

 You mean where are the players ?

I don’t know, it’s empty everywhere. 

Posted 6 months ago

 is it just me or there is a problem with staying laid on the floor ?

Every single move and aim, you are automatically up and in a crouch position  again.

It’s very annoying. 

Posted 6 months ago

 I just played solo and online, the time between 2 shots has increased. 

If you miss your target with the first bullet, you are more in trouble than previously. 

Posted 7 months ago

 I play sniper elite v2 and I like it. 

There is a good balance hiding places/open spaces. I only talk about the multi. 

In SE4 you can hide everywhere, you frag at least 10 times less than in SE2. 

It’s more realistic for a sniper game I must admit. But so boring when you are used to the fun of SE2.

Posted 7 months ago

 I hope you won’t have to do the campaign to get things in the multi. 

I hate this, the online game should give the same guns whether you did the solo or not. 

That’s another reason why I hate SE4 (the main one remains the extreme boredom, a game just about hiding)

Posted 7 months ago

 A downgrade on PC !!!!

Just LOL

Posted 7 months ago

 If the gameplay didn’t change, may be the old cheats will still work. 

And people don’t make their own cheat, one create them and share. 

Posted 7 months ago

 Sniper Elite V2 is one of the most cheated game.

For 9$/€ all (or most of) the current players will buy the remastered version. Do you really think the current cheaters will stop cheating on the new version ?

And not a word about Steam VAC or any protection, that doesn't seem to bother Rebellion.