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Posted 3 months ago - edited 3 months ago by zeroproxy

 I've been wondering what the general consensus is on Karl as the protagonist for the next game. 

I didn't really enjoy playing as him during the campaign of 4, He's about as bland and typical as can be. (sorry devs) I've heard a lot of people at least hoping for him to gain some more personality in the next game but I'm really hoping he isn't the protagonist. 

First reason is that I would like a new campaign from a new perspective, A female lead would also be welcome. If we play as a Russian sniper for example it would be pretty cool to encounter Karl from the other side of the battlefield. Even to have an engagement with him. (not gonna lie, killing him as the new protagonist would be a good sendoff) 

On the other hand I think it would be interesting to play as a new sniper who was trained by Karl. Pushing him into the reluctant mentor role, he could guide you on your first mission and then provide assistance on others. 

So what do you think? is Karl an integral part of the series for you? or is it time for him to pass the reins?

Posted 1 year ago


Loadouts - One thing that kind of bugs me is not being able to start a mission with just a rifle and pistol. or if I'm feeling masochistic, I should be able to begin with just a knife. There are rifles littering vantage points everywhere, procurement on site is a fun challenge. And, I'm just not a massive fan of a character walking round with weapons strapped all over him. I like the single rifle look. 

Pinging system for co-op - Taking influence from Apex in which they have a great and useful tool of pinging resources enemies and information to teammates without breaking immersion. Online Co-Op can be a pain if you don't know the person, creating a tool in which makes communication simple and effective whilst maintaining the level of immersion of the game would make this incredibly fun. the same tool can be used for online competitive play too. 

Competitive play - I'm going to say it loudly. NO CROSS IS AWESOME! the tension and sense this game mode evokes is exactly the sensation I would want from a sniper game. I'ts really a masterpiece in design, and I am thouroughly enjoying it. Theres one part where I think this could be pushed further, and that's through npcs. Bring the battlefield to life! in the no cross boundary create a ongoing battle between both sides with say, 10 vs 10 ai soilders. possibly more depending on the processing power. make it so snipers get points for killing these soilders, give the snipers a reason to blow their cover. you could even have the ai having their own version of capture the flag in away, where the sniper is needed to balance the game below whilst also eliminating other player snipers. This adds a whole new layer of thought into the game. do you take a risk and help your team to victory, or can you feel the crosshairs hanging over you. plus adding the ai gives life to the battle. they're not the main focus, but they bring the atmosphere and tempt players from giving away their positions. 


Posted 1 year ago

 I'm a bit late in joining the series but I am really enjoying 4 at the moment. That being said, I've been thinking a lot about the next iteration and what it could do. 


So here's some of my thoughts on that. I'd be really interested to know what people think


Russia - I'm very munch influenced by the film Enemy at the Gates, and as such I would love to see a Russian campaign. Fighting your way through a war torn Moscow as both Russian forces and German duke it out. manoeuvring around an active battle zone would be incredible, influencing the battle from the rooftops above. semi destroyed buildings would make a great playground and add sense of scale and verticality. Imagine a stalemate in which your shot at a commanding officer is what turns the tide of battle. It also means that we wouldn't need to hoof it across the entire map but just influence from afar and let the allied forces clean up. 

This also means

Snow! - adding snow would impact the bullet mechanics slightly but would also add a lot to the hide and seek form of play. footprints and trails would be signs of activity and tracking. enemy snipers may have their positions revealed by their warm breath in the cold air. Yes this one is a lot more work, but nailing these mechanics here lends the same technology to be repurposed for other projects too. 

Female protagonists/multiple story arcs.- the main character from 4 is incredibly bland. I think having a female lead would really be a good move for the series. And if that's too big of a change (which it really shouldn't be in this day and age) Have two intertwining story campaigns, one Russian female sniper one British/American which cross paths at some point. I think this makes the story flow slightly more dynamic, you can switch off campaigns to see the cause and effect of two simultaneous operations. one mission for example could be a covered retreat whilst awaiting allied reinforcements. showing a form of gameplay of cover and retreat then mirror that with a mission of pushing through with the other character to hold the retreating line.