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Posted 5 months ago

 the DLC will come with the game on launch, and the bottles and gold will be in the same spots. Why would they take the time to move all that stuff around?


Cuz they took the time to remaster it and a vast majority of the buyers will be Sev2 fans of old who know where most of these bottles and gold are ~ like me: It may seem a bit repetitive: I was thinking if they did change them this would create longevity for the Sev2 remaster and a whole new breed ot YT videos instead of the rehashed versions: 

So - no shoulder swap announced yet? Thanks BTW

Posted 5 months ago

 Will the Gold Bars and Wine bottles be the same in SEv2 or will they be elsewhere? 

ALSO: Will we have shoulder swap like in SE4 and does the ALL the DLC come with the released game or is it released separately when Sev2 is rolled out on May 14th 2019?

Posted 5 months ago

 It would be nice in certain situations when Karl is being chased or when he needs  to find  a good hiding spot or a nice location to snipe somebody have the ability or option to climb up the nearest tree. 

 And then...The tree is now a rigged tree which explodes or becomes the only tree thats climbable: ALL other trees will be `weird` cuz they cannot be climbed; unless Rebellion conceptualizes a rope ladder of sorts:

The absence of Guard Dogs in the SE series has always bugged me: They ARE essential in times of War:

Posted 5 months ago

 It is my opinion that SEV or SE5 will be based on a Cold Icy Campaign: There are clues in SE4 f you look for them: Main clue now is  Deathstorm Part 1: Inception. With the war in Italy raging, Karl Fairburne has a new assignment. The Alsos Mission: 

The Mission is DLC and also set in harsh snow and ice and the term `inception` indicates the conception of an snow campaign: Just my thoughts:

Posted 5 months ago

 "literally" ?


They do this: This is a player I know proving it:

A Pistol is paramount to crossing the collision mesh: Run - dive [hold prone button] aim from hip while pressing L3 in and pushing it to 6 oclock position simultaneously:

Posted 5 months ago

 All I'm saying is by making Strange Brigade all about the supernatural, it alienated the more grounded Rebellion fanbase that likes fighting the greatest monster of all- the human being. Even the classic horror films of the 1930s understood the value of The Most Dangerous Game...

I say all this with nothing but admiration for Rebellion, with the hope that if they ever consider returning to the two-fisted pulp era of the 1930s, they consider the genre that lives on to this day with the likes of Indiana Jones, rather than the genre that Universal cannot even manage to reanimate with the star power of Tom Cruise.

(And if you do ever consider your own BR, let me know- I've got a whole concept already mapped out :wink:)

In General - SB was crap: SB was targeted at the younger crowd who are easily please when visually stimulated and thus a profit is made: Its all about the projected market ad capital - not the players: However Rebellions diverse games - genres gives me hope in Developers and Publishers etcetera:  Imagine Rebellion making a game EXACTLY like Bills Tomato Game in todays world? 

The Children would go insane with the puzzle solving: I think I spent at least 2 years on that Game on my Amiga 500-1200 and Commodore 64k then 128k with expansion ram (in Kbs mind you)  and high-end 5ΒΌ" floppy disk drive [backwards compatible to Commodore 64 BTW] LoL: 

FYI - SOME of The Movie Titanic `CGI` was done via the Commodore Amiga computer GFX UI before it was ever released:

Posted 5 months ago

 I doubt it. I never saw any point to it in the first place

 SAME HERE: For me the `off game range` was pretty pointless: However it was great when used in game on the fly if you will in Sniper Elite III DLC Belly of the Beast where you stumble across a shooting range to learn beating Lieutenant Colonel Raubvogels score - opens the fully stocked Armoury: 

BUT you must know where the secret button is to activate it and beat the score: This was implemented brilliantly: I have uploaded my playthrough to my AD FREE YT Channel and linked it below at the correct minute:

[Belly Of Beast] 3 Sniper Nests + Longshot + Beat Rabvoguels Score 


Lieutenant Colonel Raubvogel

was an Elite German Sniper. He was the orchestrator of the plot to assassinate Winston Churchill

Posted 5 months ago

 The animations from the original haven't been changed. Also since the game is a remaster and we're keeping the play-style as truthful to the original as possible, we've kept the same difficulty modes as the original and have not changed the play-style to be more like that of 4. 




  But .. It would wise to presume that SEv2_ReMa will have Authentic added to it should there be demand for it: SEv2 actually got me back into gaming and was my very first Platinum which was a very tough platinum to get: Having said that - SEv2 also expanded the amount of people I interacted with online; many of whom I am actual friends with to this day: I even started a PS4 community for SEv2_ReMa and SEv5: I love SEv2 out of all the SE series TBH: I do hope the ZAT character system is implemented in SEv2_ReMa

Posted 5 months ago - edited 5 months ago by snacklepuss

 On PS4 I know exactly how they do the exploit: Rebellion do too but permit as its mostly used for XP gain and leveling up: The exploiter/Player while holding a pistol in hand - runs the Character to an out of bounds area [collision mesh threshold] and just as they are about to hit the mesh they hold the prone button in and sort of dive; whilst simultaneously aiming from the hip and pressing in L3 and pulling L3 towards the Six oclock position: I have uploaded a player doing it to my GDrive: 

The player in question here does NOT use it in MP and in fact he stopped playing MP because of this - which is how he found the exploit himself: 

He uses it for Longshots from out of map locations and getting perfect scores on Survival: I think hes now at skill level 200 while I am at 56 or 57 lol....

Anyhoo - heres the exploit being done: One snag - it can force Karl to freefall in the game 8>)