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Posted 1 year ago


      I purchased Strange Brigade on Steam with a friend not too long ago and love it.  There is one major issue though that I am not sure it's been brought to Rebellion's attention which is the Talking feature "Hit T on the Keyboard"  Doesn't function at all.  Which is a problem when playing with random people whom join your game.

  If you hit T on keyboard a small word bubble pops up with a T in it on the top right of the screen but that is all that happens.  You cannot write anything in it to communicate with others.  I have looked up this issue online and it seems many people are having this issue.  Since this game is a multiplayer experience its a shame I cannot tell someone to hurry a long or look for certain areas.    If you could look into this it would be greatly appreciated.    I really want this game to succeed and become a franchise, the talk/chat function really needs to work : /