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Posted 11 months ago

 I like to collect action figures from game online store .such as ,they have hot toys figures for sale. Transformer repair I tend to keep most in robot setting and stage battles. This takes too long when you really need to transform a number of or so by yourself. Plus here is a suggestion. When playing with Transformer repair with a 6, five and 2 yr old simply designate yourself since the 1 to do transformations. When i enjoy seeing them attempt themselves (and I allow them to until they get frustrated) and love some associated with their alternate modes these people come plan, I have a tendency to do more changing than playing. Not the bad point, but I would like to reach perform with my toys as well.

Marvel Legends are undoubtedly my favorite because We do two methods associated with play. The first will be staging epic fights. Avengers vs X-Men, Hulk versus Iron Man, random characters vs a bunch associated with villains, etc. Now keep in mind how I said fumbling was one of the favorites? Here is what I love most about my ML collection and that is combining it with my DC Universe Classics and wrestling figs for a less serious wrestling federation where instead of my Marvel/DC figures being heroes and villains