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Posted 3 years ago

Howzit Guys
English speaking South African dude here, Im going for the platinum and I am around 50% off the way there.
I am playing on the highest difficulty with enemies set for 1 player.I need some help in order for this to go faster because this is my 2nd playthrough.
Im looking for someone who also wants to platinum the game, because of the horde mode trophies.
Add me on psn - dav3b_125 - pls add 'ZAT' to your invite.
I added 15 of you guys for co op, which took about 30 mins - thanks to only Bladewolf for accepting my friend request - rest of you....
I am going to accept your invite if you choose to send me one, i had my tonsils taken out so my voice is sounding a bit like a thirteen year old,but it should be getting better soon, also i play battlefield and other games that can be fun in a party if anyone wants that aswell, thank you for your time and your focus.
(PSN) Destinyfollower(though i hate Destiny, i need to be able to change my name to my steam name.)

Posted 3 years ago

Hello there my fellow Zombie army players, if you need a co-op Player on PlayStation 4, ADD the Username- Destinyfollower for some co-op at any point,