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Posted 2 months ago

 I've never been more excited for a new game as I am for Sniper Elite 5! Has there been any hint of when that may be?

Posted 2 months ago

 Yes I have those weird blue machines too in that very same place! I'm also on Xbox One.

Posted 2 months ago

 I would love new DLC! I've played this game so much that I know every nook and cranny of all the maps now. It would be so great to have new maps to explore!

Posted 11 months ago

 I haven't been this excited about a game announcement in, well, ever! Even though we have to wait a year to get more details, it's just so thrilling to know we'll get another amazing game to follow SE4. I can't even imagine how cool it's going to be, and how amazing it will look. I love SE4 so much, and if I could fast-forward through the next year, I'd do it right now lol. I wonder where it'll be set? One thing I really hope and tanks we can drive, and planes we can fly...maybe too much to expect? Even if we can't do those things, I'll still love it I'm sure!

Posted 1 year ago

 I also really love this game and have played it more than probably any other one I have. Your suggestions are great. I'd love to see it as a more open world game where we can go wherever we want, and climb, enter any building. It'd be so amazing if we could also drive cars/tanks and fly planes, but maybe that's too hard to do from a tech standpoint? I can't wait for a Sniper 5!