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Posted 1 year ago

 If you follow the Steam forum posts there is much more information about what to try to fix this:

1) The most common fix is to uncheck the Sniper Elite 4 DirectX12 option.  Doing that fixes the problem for most people.

2) Running the game in Windowed mode also fixes the crashing problems for many.  Again in SE4 options.

3) Turning off the "report problems to Rebellion" option in the SE4 options solves the problem for some.

4) And if all of the above fails to solve your problem, go to the Steam Forums for SE4 and look at the various crashing threads to find the recommended versions of the NVidia drivers to use.  But this is a "last ditch" attempt, as it is not a good idea to fall back to old versions of drivers (for security reasons among others), especially when they work perfectly with every other game.

Posted 1 year ago

 I see nobody replied yet.  The answer is simple... the PanzerFaust replaces the SMG and you equip it exactly as you would when picking up a different SMG.  

Posted 1 year ago

I realize that we went through the Christmas/New Year holidays.  But those passed already, and it is now January 9. 

I have seen no sign of a Rebellion staff member on these Sniper Elite 4 forums for over 3 weeks now.  There are several questions that went unanswered for weeks, questions that usually a game developer would answer in their forum if other users didn't.

Has SE4 been formally abandoned to its own devices and only users support it now?  If so, the only place were I see any user to user support activity is in the Steam forums.  Here I see pretty much nothing.  What happened?

Posted 1 year ago

 In the port mission I got to the armory and I thought I equipped the PanzerFaust but I can't seem to be able to select it.  Is there a trick?

In the end I got the tanks by sniping the driver and gunner through the little cracks, then sat helping the tank.   But I cannot say it was fun. 

Posted 1 year ago

 I read in a post that you are supposed to carry your loadout from one mission to the next.  But that is definitely not what I am experiencing.  

For example, I finished mission 2, with the satchels, and have been playing mission 3 where you pretty much need satchels... but I don't have any.  

Also, I noticed that every mission starts with exactly the same loadout, and although I read that I should be able to buy (assuming I didn't bring it with me) suppressed ammo for the mission, but I have not seen such an option.

I clearly missed something.  Can someone point me in the right direction?   

Just in case it is relevant, I am playing on PC/Steam.