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Posted 1 year ago

 ike , I would recommend an option to choose if you would like score system or simply kill tally . so you and your friend compete in that way for example ...

then , why not having items be replenished every like 5 waves or so ...

an ability to tag like 4 zombies at the time which would get through the wall silhouette ...

have mechanical traps that can be reset like in campaign , also , I was told there will be some spinning blades trap which I haven't came across ..
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Posted 1 year ago

 I was wondering why there is no Public server or server lists? you cant see what 'Map' you will play (unless you are the host), you dont know what difficulty is set, being as there does not seem to be many people playing online it is hard to get a team to stay the course of the campaign, I came from L4D2 where I only played expert with FF on, this is proving to be a game where you struggle to find players willing to take the 'challenge'


Posted 1 year ago

 Everytime I play and I don't have a chance to host, I lag. And my friends have lag when they play with me and they don't even live far from me.