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Posted 9 months ago

 UPDATE: Got a response from Rebellion this morning...

Hey there,

I wouldn't consider it widespread as I have only received one ticket about this issue.

There are no plans for any patches.

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Rebellion Developments

Posted 9 months ago

I recently purchased GamePass just to play this game. None of the achievements unlocked on Level 1, so I quit and deleted my local save and rebooted. The achievements then unlocked properly during the first mission. I just completed level 2 and no unlocks...did the same delete local save and reboot, but the level 2 achievements are still not unlocking and I am now in level 3

Has anyone else experienced this and have a resolution?

It is horrible that this game was released to GamePass and the glitched achievements are still an issue. I see above the someone at Rebellion stated that they will be patching this soon....and that was 2 months ago.