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Posted 1 year ago - edited 1 year ago by SCtheReaper

 So today there was an update for the PS4. I tried it out, when I looked at the update notes it was only really a new Horde map and Extreme difficulty that stood out. So I tried the new Void map with my favourite Horde character, Frank Fairburne, as his Call of Seteki amulet is the only really good one while the rest range from average right down to worthless. However, I quickly noticed CoS had been massively nerfed: it now lasts only 10 seconds, not enough time to do much of anything with. It used to be great for distracting Champion/Khopesh's, or making distractions while you do something. Now it's of so little use it makes Frank not really worth playing. Pretty much the only one worth it now is Tessie Caldwell, just use grenades all the time and forget the amulets. Such a shame how little difference or effect most characters have now, only fast grenades is of any real use, with a little use for extra health. The rest is redundant :(

What's worse is that there is no mention of this nerf in the notes, and I'm left wondering what else has been changed to player detriment? Were you trying to sneak the change through unannounced?