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Posted 1 week ago

 like , I would recommend an option to choose if you would like score system or simply kill tally . so you and your friend compete in that way for example ...

then , why not having items be replenished every like 5 waves or so ...

an ability to tag like 4 zombies at the time which would get through the wall silhouette ...

have mechanical traps that can be reset like in campaign , also , I was told there will be some spinning blades trap which I haven't came across ...

more maps with better layout and more true sniping opportunities , so far only one map is viable for sniping .

wave checkpoints

Posted 1 week ago

Just picked up the zombie army trilogy today and I am having a few issues with the controls. For aiming down sites it tells you to press LT, but at first it wasn't doing so until I finally hit the LT button really hard. Even then it is not constant. Thinking it might be my controller breaking I tried out other games and LT is working without issues without me needing to hit the button hard. Did anyone else experience this issue? And if so is there a fix? Also this occurred on the first campaign first chapter if for some reason that would cause an issue.

Posted 1 month ago


Happened 8 times today online with different teams.

On the Freight Train of Fear after clearing the zone of all the zombies just before entering the train we pulled the lever to open the train and instead of triggering the horde event the game does nothing.

We restarted multilple times and still no luck.

Same thing in the forest level(can't recall the name) after defeating the horde in the mounted machine gun place.