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Posted 1 year ago


If you completed Episodes/Chapters and/or certain "challenge" achievements then I've got a possible fix. The first thing I did was complain about here (see Original Post spoiler tag), then I continued playing until the beginning of the next episode and quit to menu, complained about my issue to my friends who plays the game. Then I decided to Hard Reset my console (Hold the Power button for about 10 Seconds) then turned back on. Launched ZAT > Campaign > Continue Game. When I killed the first zombie I encountered, most of the "challenge" achievements I completed popped (except for the Like a drunk who's lost a bet cheevo, still not popping for some reason). Then I quit to Main Menu > Extras > Prologue - Part 1. When I noticed it was just the cutscene I skiped it and the cheevos for the Chapters I've completed all popped.

I didn't get all the cheevos I completed but most of them, hopefully this helps, peace.

- Jay



Posted on 03 April 17 at 23:04

Same thing... Collected all the bottles and bars and didn't get the achievement i'm livid.



Posted on 18 April 17 at 15:50

The same, this game owes me six achievements I have not received.

Faustus PHD


Posted on 20 April 17 at 06:06

I can confirm that the hard reset worked for me concerning challenge achievements. Only one challenge would pop at a time for me, though. I had to hard reset between each. I also had to alternate between campaign and horde. This method, however, did not work for my episode based achievements. Thanks for the help @JaysBetterThanU. Now I have to figure out how to get the episode achievements to unlock. I was wondering if there is a correlation between preview members and these buggy achievements. Some have no issue. I am in preview program. Anyone else in the same situation?



Posted on 26 June 17 at 22:51

Cheers for this. My live disconnected as I was finishing up and didn't realise. Skipped the cutscene and the chapter achievement unlocked!


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