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Posted 1 year ago

 I thoroughly enjoyed the game and wanted to know if there is a plan for a sequel? 

Posted 1 year ago

 Sick! Looking forward to this. Good choice on modeling Tessie Caldwell after Bessie Coleman. I appreciate that.

Posted 1 year ago

 That sounds like a plan

Posted 1 year ago

 So, for Score Attack, it is possible to finish a level with one person? I've been playing the game alone and I am yet to get even close to finishing one level on score attack in the time limit. 

An idea for a future extreme mode: Make it so that the enemies have twice as much health unless they are shot in the head. Basically, a head shot mode. Another option could be replace all standard zombies with armed zombies and armor the ghouls. 

Posted 1 year ago

 Or a sequel/prequel... 

Posted 1 year ago


Great game. I wanted to put in a request for the following DLC or Sequel/Prequel, etc:

-Veronica Brownridge Campaign - Play as Veronica at the dig and up to her death or play her last mission before she went on to stop Harbin. I'd like to see her fleshed out as a person a little more as well as given a chance to shine. 

-Brigade Origins - Individual one level campaign for each of the original four brigade members showing their origin story of how they got into the brigade. For example, Gracie fighting her way out of the factory and then blowing it up. This could also be expanded as Bash's back story says that the Brigade rescued him, that would be a fun mini-campaign. 

-Narrator Adventure - Make the narrator playable for a special mission that needs his particular wit, sarcasm, and observations plus his hatred of all things feline. 

-Couch Co-op - I had to ask...

Thanks, looking forward to the upcoming new characters and everything else