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Posted 19 hours ago

 Just wanted to say Rebellion that I love your game over screen and what you've done in the game engine with the tracking of your dead character zombie. reminds me of games of yesteryear when you watched the game over screen and what the AI did after you died eg operation flash point ( Bohemia ) I always loved this with the older games and the attract mode. Ive been watching my zombie for over an hour now!!! Also loved the pause menu when the voices play through the dual shock 4 speaker, very eerie but very addictive, made me jump while i was grabbing a Guinness. Please put this kinda  thing in Sniper elite 5!!! Id spend ages just watching what the AI does after killing you and patrolling the area. very retro and very pleasing for a 50 year old vet of gaming !!!  its the little things like this i miss from gaming these days. 

Great work Rebellion 

Posted 1 month ago

I know it’s a long shot ( no pun intended) but is there a chance Snipe Elite 4 will get released on the Switch? 

Please keep up the fantastic work Rebellion, we need more of these types of games! 

Posted 11 months ago

I saw the video released and was impressed by what I saw. Wanted to ask that I see the movement in the game is point at a spot and teleport to it like in so many other VR games. Will there be an option in game to move smoothly like in a normal first person shooters? 

Keep up the great work! Game looks good. 

Posted 1 year ago

 Came here to post exactly the same question. why was this changed for the remaster?  also why isnt the camera free roam in photo mode? feels very restricted . 

Posted 1 year ago

Hope this link helps for anyone wanting to find the hidden room.