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Posted 1 year ago


im sure there are 5 buttons

Posted 1 year ago

 you have to unlock the full map and each unlocked section has one of those buttons to press..

run around the map (any order) and click all the buttons will get you your prize... which is the vault door opening to get your shotgun..

and according to my game.... i have not even played that map... !! grr  im very bitter about that as you can tell... 

Posted 1 year ago

I have updated my review of the game to thumbs down... 

and i wont be purchasing the season pass now either  which is a shame as its really put me off the game :( 

Posted 1 year ago

 hmm starnge i cant seem to see anywhere to edit a post ??

Posted 1 year ago

 hmm the photos didnt work in the first post so here they are again

Posted 1 year ago

 so ive worked hard and got to horde level 6 wave 3 before i quit - and i tested all the other maps..

i logged into the game today to find my account has basically been rolled back like 4 days ?? as it now says i have only unlocked upto wave 4 on horde mode and not even played any of the other maps ??  and as proof my ingame time is like 14h and steam time is 60h !!