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Posted 1 year ago

I Forgot to mention: 

The Battlezone Remastered I see major improvements compared to the Rogue Trooper Redux, and with 2 Redux's / Remaster's already developed by Rebellion, I don't see it as impossible to be done by Rebellion (I'm really hoping they will)! 

SE:V2 Remastered would look even more better than Battlezone Remastered on the SE:4 Engine for PC and Next-Gen Consoles!

Posted 1 year ago

 Bringing this back! 

I absolutely agree. Would LOVE to see SE:V2 on SE:4 Engine. I started V2 AFTER I played SE:3, and SE:4 is an updated version of the SE:3 engine, which itself is a heavily upgrade of the SE:V2 engine. I really doubt it would be very difficult for the Devs to port SE:V2 to the SE:4 Engine since it's a linear game, but would still include improved AI, Next-Gen Kill Cam, Higher-Resolution Textures & Lighting, more weapons, among other goodies.

Rebellion recently released "Rogue Trooper 'Redux'", which though I see very very minimal improvements, it's still a better than nothing way to bring an old-school game back to life (along with sales for Rebellion, even if a Steam Edition Remaster would be given out for free for owners of the Original Vanilla game, just like Red Faction:Guerrilla "ReMarstered" recently released). 

Or even as a DLC, I would gladly pay to play V2 Remastered on the upgraded SE:4 engine.