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Posted 1 year ago

 Hi there GI comrade :)

I totally agreed, plus the A.I. ins't that "intelligence".

The campain should be wider, with better interaction with the war and other GI's so you can create some sort of "Bond" with other G.I's and we feel a bit the loss. The upgrades should be more logical, with story and/or  reasons. not like: you begin a new level, and Bagman says: " Hey new upgrades available", so the upgrades felt from the acid air of Nu-Earth.
possibilies of adding stuff;

-Melee diverse attack;

-Free usage of combat knife;

-Sprint (not infinit);

-Change the names of enemies -> Urban Infantry Man, Urban Sargeant, etc... (they have the same name but different skins) adding more enemies, npc, wildlife, interactions with the world.
-Able to pick up enemies weapons;
-Encyclopedia : having 3 types of resources: scrap, Battle XP, and intel, scrap is the resource that you transfer to your "BankBag"/"BagBank" and save to unlock stuff, Battle XP is gained completing misisons etc, and killing destroying, hacking/controling, and depending how you kill, you gain different XP points (adding some sort of feats), serve to unlock higher level stuff and ranking up. Intel is needed to unlock stuff and to know what are you unlocking and unlock further on the three of the subject.

Subjects contains details about weaknesses, strenghts, info about weaponry and armor, and 3D model, that you can see and hover all around (3D) to inspect better at the model, also unlocking the skin (character) to play if you guys start having multiplayer, [and story, as skin just for the fun of it :) ] TDM, bounty-hunter etc....etc. 4 factions....GI, Southers, norths and Nu-Earth "settlers"/rebelion (whatever), as well for co-op, more maps more skirmishes and story driven missions. Upgrade characters like mass-effect 3/Andromeda type. Multiplayer also like Battlefront 1/2 (old ones).
-adding Missions that Filling the blanks between the comics until Fareday (Rogue Trooper never dies in this universe hu-ra!)
-Create other worlds like Nu-Marse :D , and from there on new battles/wars. Game-type (map-based) borderlands or Skyrim (though thats a big stretch, the skyrim one), but feel, and see the consequences of your actions, fighting/surviving the wildlife, the norths, rogue-factions -> such as norths (some friendlies) southers and even GI's !!!!

My god my head is full of stuff! i can't even organize it XD soo much diversity and possibilities of types of games. 
Halo wars/C&C style of game as well XD
Comrades i need to rest a bit XD, see'ya on the battlefield