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Posted 1 year ago

I love Battlezone VR and I like the tweaks and Changes in the Gold Update. I hope your not done with BZ completely. I would like to see more Content in the future and I am (and others are) willing to pay for it. After playing the Game for so long and beating it countless times on extreme it is getting sometimes.... boring. I am sorry to say that but if you have your team of Pros and every one knows what he is doing, there is no Challange any more. Speaking of Challange!

Please let us make our own "Challange Campaign" or "Master Campaign" with special Settings.

Like number of Probes allowed, or number of Shops on the map. Max Number of hearts. Disable Tank Radar. Number of weapon slots allowed. No special weapons(emp). Nemesis is invisible on Campaign map. 2 Nemesis can repair a destroyed Generator. Generators must be destroyed on the map to get to the Volcano option.

Star Mission consequences: disable weapons for a mission(blasters only), disable (or 50%)Mods on tank for a mission, no Turbo for a mission. Random Tank Swap with teammates for a mission. No player markers or Radar for a mission. Enemy Power Doubles for a mission. Nemesis Moves 2x, Enemy can disable Team communication/chat for a mission.

Let some enemys have special weapons like a virus with consequences like above during a standard mission for a couple of seconds.

Let the host create/draw his own map and set the Generators/volcano.

A double Nemesis on one Mission.

Additional Ideas:

Let 1 player be a Hopper on a Team.

When using Shield Boost near own Base/Tower, Base is also protected.

When using Virus on own Convoy or Relay Unit you can command him to Stop or Go faster.

A new special weapon: Spawn a own Laser Tower.

That's it.... for now! ????

Posted 1 year ago

 Thank you dear Rebellion for making the best VR Game in the world even better. I am a long time player and have spend probably 300+ hours on the game. In the new update I found 2 things that I hope can be fixed in the future.

1. The aiming is changed in the latest Update. The up and down movement of the weapons is way to quick/sensitive now and precision is gone. Almost impossible to use Guided Rockets or the RailGun on Flyers. Please change it back or make a sensitivity setting. The BZ Community on PSVR is with me here, I spoke with the most regular players. Everyone is disappointed with the change.

2. Bug: After playing the 2D Version and trying different Settings , I came back to play in VR again. And I did get motion sick After 10 minutes really bad. As a Hardcore VR Gamer , I never get sick. After asking my self what the Heck is going on.... I remembered that I changed in the 2D Version the Setting "Horizon Lock" to off. That option made me sick. In the VR Version this option don't exist but the game remembered the Setting of the 2D Version and was nearly unplayable then. Please make the game Switch automaticly to always Horizon Lock ON when you play the VR Version. Otherwise other players could get sick and give up on BZ in VR without even knowing how to fix this issue.

I love Battlezone VR and I like the tweaks and Changes in the Gold Update. Greetings from Germany!

PS: Sorry for my bad English