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Posted 1 year ago

 After nearly a year  of playing , i finally got the see the elusive miner and unlocked the last blueprint BUT that bring me to another small problem , i am at 99% unlocked , before anyone ask , yes i checked them all to be sure , weapons and equipment . From what i was told , others have the same problem ... could there be something hidden or is it just a bug ? eager to find out :)

PS . thanks for the great game that i still play alot and wish there was a sequel / expansion someday  

Posted 1 year ago

 i was told , a few days ago , that yes it was from a " Star " and that yes you need an unequipped modulator and if your not alone , everyone need to have 1 unequipped too ... like the probe that when everyone has a single target lockon you see the option to use missile but if 3/4 has it you still dont see it ... same for the EMP optional " Star "

Posted 1 year ago


im trying to do one of my last unlock , swap a modulator with a miner , im thinking i need an unequipped modulator and when ill get to the proper star ill have the option to swap it ... anyone got it ? am i on the right track ?