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Posted 1 year ago

You want to look like enemy characters during co-op?

Posted 1 year ago

" There have been a lot of cool suggestions here, but if this becomes a squad based tactical game in the future where it's necessary to control other AI, I won't be buying it.  There are enough games like that out there now.  SE is very enjoyable as a single player sniper experience, and it should stay that way."  

A million times, this.


Posted 1 year ago

 I'm at a complete loss with this.

On the "Select Mission" page, it shows "Naval Gazing" for an Optional Objective, but it doesn't show it in the list while playing.  I've checked YouTube & Google...nothing.

Note, this ISN'T Naval Gazing for mission 6.  Giovi is mission 7.

Anyone else at a loss with this?