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Posted 1 year ago

Pacific Theater would be great for sure. One obvious mission would navigating a series of Japanese tunnels on Okinawa or Iwo Jima, stealth-killing and tossing grenades into enemy pillboxes as you go. That said, my guess is that you Rebellion guys being English makes you a bit bias toward the European theater. I mean, obviously many Brits (and Aussies and Kiwis) served in the Pacific Theater, but I can see how you'd prefer to focus on European enemies, given their existential threat to the UK. I wouldn't hate a Stalingrad or other eastern front-focused game, but walking around a burned out city and crawling through rubble sounds an awful lot like SE2. You'd really have to differentiate the two games to avoid criticism. 

Meanwhile, a few minor gripes:

-- For the love of all things holy, please have Karl stop saying "This might come in handy" and "I think that's everything" every time he picks something off a dead enemy, and "Jackpot!" every time he diffuses one of his own explosives. It gets sooooooo repetitive. 

-- I've noticed a bug in the DLCs where the yellow path of an about-to-be-thrown grenade puts it about 20 yards away, however when it's thrown it falls at my feet due to interference from some graphical element, like part of a wall, or a palm frond. To be clear, the path of the grenade clearly shows it landing far away, but when it's thrown it lands at my feet. 

-- [SHAMELESS PLUG WARNING] You need more period music in the game and you need to hire my company to source and license it for you. We're called Brandracket and we do all the music for the Fallout games (which as you know is period music from the 30s through 50s). Check us out here.

Can't wait for SE5 - wherever it's set - and 6 and 7 and....