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Posted 2 months ago

Here's an important one for GOG users on how to install mods from the Steam Workshop.


Posted 3 months ago is a community-run encyclopaedia of Battlezone content, including both the action-strategy and arcade series. If you want to know what Manson's wingmen are called, or which NSDF power generator is tactically superior, or what the fastest way to beat Tapping the Core, this is the place to go. Like any wiki it's never finished, and your expertise is exactly what it needs!

Posted 3 months ago

The Battlezone Community Discord server currently has just over 300 members and serves both the original action-strategy titles and Rebellion's new remasters. Our server also connects to the in-game lobbies of both Battlezone 2 and Battlezone 98 Redux (and after release, Battlezone: Combat Commander) and can be used to summon lists of active games in both titles.

Come join us!