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Posted 1 year ago

 Line of sight radio comms technology would be very limited in the 40s. I strongly doubt any players would believe a story of a guy walking around with a headset and very heavy large radio sniping nazis in the 40s.  In Iraq while serving with the US Army, we lost line of sight all the time with comms and had limited ability to utilize satcomm radios.  Also, special operations of this kind would demand absolute secrecy, and encryption wasnt nearly as advanced at the time.  Mother Hen is nice but this game needs to keep the isolated feeling it currently has. Karl gets briefed and executes the mission. There is no option to contact mother hen on secure frequencies  so comms are limited to outgoing emergency captured enemy radios.  

Sniper Elite 5 needs a windage adjustment. It currently  has a range adjustment  from left to right. Change the zoom to a different button and add wintage as up/down. To truly zero a rifle this is needed. Add mils to the compass.  If we're going all out lets do this.