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Posted 1 year ago

 Hi, is there any way to switch the game to English on PlayStation Pro version?

Not the voice-overs these already are, but all the writings and menus and stuff. Such retro games MUST be in English.

Posted 1 year ago

 The game is a tiny bit to difficult on Medium settings which is necessary to unlock more tanks (and impossible on higher difficulties).

I failed the last vulcano mission on medium difficulty because only one of these three hoovering round things circling around the two shield generators already costs almost all ammunition my tank has. But on the other hand it was just Lv. 9 rockets, so maybe the weapon upgrades werent high enough :) luckily the game is funny and entertaining enough to try it again!

Posted 1 year ago

Such a nice game, I love it and its so retro. I would recommend cleaning up the HUD a little bit, a menu option for removing unnucessary HUD elements for more immersion and difficulty. (of course not the target crosshair.)

Removing that oversized and disturbing "Reload" message in the middle of the screen, removing these immersionbreaking and too arcady looking +2 or +5 numbers jumping out of targets when getting hit, removing the red up and down arrows showing the position of the tank-gun (I want to know where the gun is aimed high or low by looking out ot the tanks windows), and other HUD-messages that are clearly shown in the cockpit without any need to be in the HUD.

For more realism, immersion and a cleaner HUD :)