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Posted 1 year ago

Blood should be another added in. I know we have bleeding out, but they just lay on the ground. You shoot a guy in the upper arm and hit the artery he should be able to take cover to bandage up or have an ally bandage him or he returns fire while bleeding till there's lull for him to bandage. A bullet missing the artery but shattering or splintering the bone could cut the artery. I guess you'd have to work the physics of the bone, how it breaks, shatters, splinters based on the angle, energy, velocity, weight, and how deformed the bullet is when it struck the bone.

Crippling shots: A low spinal shot or the nerve in the arm or leg being severed. They could still pose a danger to the player.

Having the actual caliber, weights, velocity, and performance of the bullet with pros and cons too. You can cheat by taking enemy ammo to resupply.

Doing field surgery on yourself like in Metal Gear 3. It would be interesting seeing where the bullets ended up in ya lol.

A kill cam with instant playback. Also so you can save the kill, change the speed, zoom, angle, etc. I guess a kill cam editor? We do get some wild WTF kills and wish to play around and share the footage.  Perhaps during the kill footage and several seconds after, if you hit this button it'll keep you in the kill cam or take you back to it so you can rewind it and go over it to see if you want to keep it to brag with or to just see that amazing shot again.

Of course having an on-off switch for all the above so we can get what we want and leave out what we don't. Ability to adjust the size of and position of the ballistics graph during the kill cam, some what it small so they can get the most out of the kill footage, others might want it to be translucent on the bottom third of the screen.

An actual functioning scope with windage, and elevation markers so we don't have to use the Lung feature most of the time.

steel core bullet it still tumbles, alters, etc), and enhanced x-ray to see all the damage and bullet travel.

Thank you for your time and the opportunity to share ideas to make SE5 more of a one of a kind, interesting, and edgy. If you guys don't someone else definitely will. Do a fundraiser if need be to help research and develop all that difficult stuff.


Posted 1 year ago

In SE5 I'd like to see increased realism, both physically and in ballistics.

For the physical: I shot a guy in the head that via the X-ray had completely hollowed out his head, but afterward it looks like he just passed out. An example:  In the beginning of Saving Private Ryan, they just made it to the wire, Hanks spoke or looked at a guy, few seconds later he rolled him over and there was no face, jaw, or forehead (hollowed out). I was half expecting that kind of realism after I saw the X-ray but was disappointed.

My dad is 'Nam vet (196th LIB) and he loved the realism of Saving Private Ryan when it first came out. He felt if people could better understand the fear, the horror, and the intense stress on the mind, emotions, spirit, and body that fewer folk would rush to have war.

For ballistics: The bullet rarely travels in a straight line after meeting resistance. Have the round alter course after striking bone, a button, the canteen, etc would be nice. Even a slow-mo of it entering the body, just grazing the right femur and altering its course into the pelvis or through the leg striking the other femur.

Another example was during deer season. A doe was running straight at my dad when he shot her in the head with a 405+ grain .45-70 Gov't round.  He didn't kill her, but actually knocked her out temporarily. The way the deers skull curves or angles back actually deflected that massively heavy bullet up into the air.

Cabela's big game hunter has an X-ray mode that also shows bullet deviation  and a bullet graph charting the caliber, weight, muzzle energy, velocity, and bullet drop over distance.   That'd be nice to have as well.