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Posted 1 year ago

 When I'm in sniper mode the rifle sight shakes all over the place and the stabilizer just makes a noise but doesn't work

Posted 1 year ago

 My setup is.

Ryzen 1700x

Asus rog strix x370

Gigabyte Nvidia 1080ti

Corsair Vengance 3000 32Gb

Corsair cx850cm PSu

Intel 256Gb SSD

4X Samsung 2Tb Sata HDD

Asus DVD reader

I am having terrible problems with loading the game and when I do get it to load Crashing after a mission. Its getting to be hit and miss if it will play or not.

I was running an FX8350 on a Sabertooth 990fx before and thought upgrading would make for a better experience.

Anyone running a similar system without any problems.