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Posted 3 years ago

 I think it could increase the level number, from 50 to 100 and level up is more difficult. anyone reaches level 50 easy . It must be challenging to reach level 100, for example.

 Yeah its true. Level 100 is a great idea.

Posted 3 years ago - edited 3 years ago by hasiris

there was the trophy called "reaches Level 31" in Sniper3. I think it's time to do something more difficult.

Greetings from Chile.

Posted 4 years ago

I just want to know why the playable characters in the zombie army series don't talk in the cut scenes.
cause rebellion made ending vids before to know which character we would be using. The would have to make voice actions for everyone. I really missed the voices

Posted 4 years ago

Hi, if you need some help add me. My id : hasiris
I got the platinum but i can offer any help with campaign if you need, cheers
(sorry if my english is regular)