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Posted 1 year ago

 Wish List: Hiding Places, Long Shot Opportunities, Silenced Weapons!

I see post on here about how players "want to drive a tank, or command a squad of troops, or fly a helicopter". And yeah, Grand Theft Auto 5 and COD/Battlefield are great games, but they're NOT Sniper Elite.

The heart and soul of this franchise/series is making the battlefield "small"...crawling around, setting up shots or traps, taking your time, waiting for the right moment.

I would love to see more hiding places to relocate to. High places, rock walls with missing bricks, bridges, bombed out buildings that we could blend into, vehicles we can crawl under. And more ways to mask the sound of rifles.

I don't USE a pistol that isn't silenced. We need MORE silenced weapons, or at least silenced ammunition. I thought the point was to NOT get caught?

And I LOVE long shots! Nothing more satisfying than making a shot on a moving target at extreme range. Watching the target go down when it's so small you can barely make it's the best. Even BETTER in 4K resolution and HDR...just sayin'

Posted 1 year ago

 Nk44ab has a LOT of great ideas, but on some I couldn't disagree more. Like rjdriver, I play Sniper Elite for the single player sniper experience. If you want to play Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty/Battlefield games then go do it. Sniper Elite is THE BEST sniper game in the genre, and that's why I play. Why would I sneak around, set traps or relocate after a single shot if I could just take out a whole platoon of Nazi's with a tank or helicopter? Or command my squad of support characters to do the same? No way - the game works, the system works, don't mess with it. I HATE playing deathmatch because I'm always getting raped by a person running around using melee on everyone - and for that reason I play "distance king" - I think that's the soul of this game. Sniper Elite is about controlling the battlefield, slowing it down to YOUR pace and setting traps for enemies, not trying to "keep up" with twitch FPS style play.

Also agree with rjdriver, I wish you could climb/jump a LITTLE higher, so you could escape enemies by getting vertical, or gain elevation quickly when relocating. But I don't want the game to turn into "Assasins Creed" either.  I understand that a small change to the system means BIG changes to the game, and could have untold repercussions in multiplayer when people figure out you can get to some impossible game-breaking place by jumping/climbing.  I just feel like it's silly to be able to climb a yellow pipe 30 feet long but NOT be able to get up on top of a farm shed with an 8 foot wall :D 

My only complaint is that I spent most of the SE 4 campaign sneaking - I killed more enemies with a supressed pistol than I did my rifle. What I love most about this game is being able to set up extreme distance shots, or multiple kills, environmental kills with a trap or rock. It's fun to sneak up on an enemy and melee them from behind, or set up an elaborate trap or distraction, but for me nothing beats a perfectly timed shot between two trees or into the window of a moving vehicle at extreme range.  Just like I don't want this game to become GTA5 or Battlefield, I don't want this game to become "Metal Gear Solid" either. If you want to up the difficulty, how about let the AI soldiers persue you INDEFINITELY if you raise an alarm, or provoke them into a yellow "search" status. At least on a harder difficulty setting. Once they start searching for you, they never stop or relax?

Like CarcanoSniper said: "Other than that, it's all nitpicking" :D

Posted 2 years ago

 I would like to see a game based around the Pacific theater next time. Tropical settings on Pacific Islands, creeping around in dense foliage ( like the "Confrontation" level in Sniper Elite 3 DLC). Also you could do defense type levels where Karl (or whoever) helps defend the beach from invading troops, or fights alongside infantry with lots of scripted events and explosions going on all around. There's the opportunity for night levels as well, either creeping around in the jungle dispatching patrols or defending the sleepy lookouts from a mid-night infantry charge. The muzzle flashes in the dark would look EVEN BETTER in HDR *wink wink*

Most importantly, I'd like to see some levels in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. A lot of people probably don't know the Japanese invaded there as well. Icy coastal regions with Japanese gun turret sites to disable, steep mountainsides with rocks to hide behind as you advance uphill...Finally a reason to break out the all-white white ghillie suit! You could also do it as a DLC, I just think it would be fun to be able to fight in the tropics AND the Arctic in the same game :)

Posted 2 years ago

 Stalingrad would be a really fun setting for sniper levels, especially after the Nazi invasion. Bombed out factories full of hiding places, tight city streets with fallen warplanes and crumbling buildings for some SMG and mine-trapping fun, and wider open levels like train yards and river crossings. Kinda feels like you could just do "Enemy At The Gates: The Game" and have Vasily Zaytsev as the main character tho :)