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Posted 11 months ago

 Nope. The engagement ranges in the game are not extreme enough for the coriolis effect to be a factor and besides that it is not modeled in the game engine. SE4 is not a simulator but it is a fun sniper game with difficulty levels that you can fine tune to increase your challenge level. So you won't come across any other variables than changing wind values, gravity and angle of incidence to target affecting trajectory. No calculations for the coriolis effect, altitude, humidity, temperature, barometric pressure or position of the sun are factored in this game.

Posted 11 months ago

Tommy , while I have issues with the Sniper Elite series(all 5 games) I still ENJOY playing them , a lot , as in S.E.4 is all I've played on my  P.S. 4 :)since its release date , I've kept my P.S. 2 for just one game , Sniper Elite   And yes , I want S.E. 5 ! With a silenced Sten ! :) 

Support the smaller game developers .

 Yes, the suppressed sten, excellent. Why not also allow anti-tank rifles. They would have to be a pick up weapon perhaps, like the neofaust or FG-42 and slow your movement considering the bulk of these weapon systems.
Also the OSS modification to the 1911 that allowed it to shoot darts. This game is about, although loosely, OSS operations. So why not embrace this in the gameplay more fully.
Drop behind enemy lines looking to hook up with a resistance or partisan cell to help train them, provide weapons and equipment. Go on clandestine missions wearing civvies and bearing forged papers to get the lay of the land and identify weaknesses in enemy defenses, gather intel about troop movements, high priority targets and potential assets that could be turned by coercion or enticement.

I envisage a vast sandpit type game that encompasses an AO(Area of Operations) for an OSS operator. This would also allow for even longer range sniping than we've previously seen. Escaping and evading enemy ambushes, going head to head with the gestapo, conducting raids to disrupt enemy operations and rescue your partisan/resistance friends from the clutches of brutal gestapo interrogations. Stopping nazi reprisals upon the local populace and all leading up to an increased tempo of operations just prior to D-day like eliminating all high priority targets in the area, sabotaging enemy infrastructure and destroying supply routes.

So much good ground for an as yet unseen type of WWII shooter with an emphasis on sniping of course.
If you build it, they will long as it is done well. All hyperbole of course and perhaps not the usual SE format but I would play the crap out of a game like this.

YAY...or NAY. Pick one.

Posted 11 months ago

 Good news. It's not a gamebreaker.
I ninja'd my way to the elevator, and by ninja'd I mean sneaky snaked around and destroyed every nazi I found including the 3 long range, off the map buggers.
The bug happened again but I manually saved before entering the elevator chamber so I was able to finally complete the mission and then slaughter all the nazi's of the QRF(Quick Reaction Force), before extracting with all the white coats.

Achievement unlocked- Ghost Town

Love this game. I have noticed the bug with the Suppressed ammo.

It would be great to get a squad together and just burn loud through this level and see how quick it could be done. Split into two teams of 2 and hit different objectives regrouping on the elevator after ripping through the enemy troops guarding the bunker, church and caves. Then neofaust'ing the QRF to smoldering pieces.

Really hope that when SE5 comes out (I mean they have to, right?), that they give us even more gameplay options. Like using grenades to booby trap bodies, aiming down sight of secondary and sidearm(keeping 3rd person view too, it has it's uses.) Also making the background details of the enemy, that you see when tagging, pertinent to how the story plays out. If an enemy's intel shows that he has been talking to the resistance or has doubts about what he is doing fighting a war he doesn't believe in, you could capture, interrogate and extract/turn them or eliminate as a liability. In other words, how you play a situation should have ramifications to how the story develops. You burn through a level, fine, but you lost the oppurtunity to save the lives of your partisan friends later because you didn't find out about an ambush that lay ahead.
Even more depth to replayability in a game that already has a deep replay factor can only be a good thing IMO.

Let me know what you think...or not. Pick one.

Posted 1 year ago

 So I was playing SE4 Deathstorm part 3.
Liking the new update and weapons, loving the lightning fast load times of levels now.
When, after hours of being a sneaky snake, not raising the alarm once, methodically eliminating all enemy opposition by any means available, I found myself at an elevator about to descend into the bowels of the nazi bunker, determined to complete the primary objective by any means necessary.

I pulled the lever to activate the elevator, an animation played and then..."Huh, WTF is this?"
I was floating in mid-air where the elevator had been before the animation played.
"Surely not." I ran around a bit to see if I would fall down or glitch to where I should be to no avail.
I am now stuck above the elevator unable to progress.
Whats worse is that I can't load to a point previous to pulling the lever to see if it was a one off bug, as I had run around and triggered the auto-save point at the entrance to the elevator too many times.

So now I have to replay the mission to see if this bug is a game breaker or a one off fluke.
I will be manually saving before opening the elevator area this time, so I do not repeat the same unforeseeable mistake.

Anyone else?

Update soon...or never. Pick one.

Posted 1 year ago

 I have all the downloadable content for sniper elite 4 on my xbox, in fact I have entire digital package.

I want to play the deathstorm parts but don't see it listed on my menus.  Do I have to completely finish the single player campaign before I can access the other campaigns or is deathstorm and the fuhrer campaigns multiplayer campaigns?

 Single player - mission select - tap x
There is a prompt at bottom mid-left of mission select screen that has a blue {"X"DLC}
All DLC missions are found here.
Once you start playing Deathstorm you will see it on the "continue mission" part of the single player menu.