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Posted 1 week ago

 I asked on twitter but was just told there will be announcements later in content . So I will give it a try here . My question Can we Map our controller to custom layout on consoles Eg for Xbox one  - Use Y to climb instead of  the A button like how it is in SE4 . 

I had so much trouble trying to play 2 and 3 after spending over 100 hours playing SE 4 .  I really hope we can set button commands , please put this feature in if not .  Thank you for taking the time to read this . 

Posted 1 year ago

 Hi , I thought I would share for folks that may be interested. Sniper Elite V2 Xbox 360 edition just became backwards compatible for Xbox One consoles. If you still have your 360 disc the game now runs on your New console. Or alternatively you can locate the game for digital purchase on the Xbox store. I only played the game on a PC some years ago and am excited to be able to play on my Xbox One now. Enjoy :)

Posted 1 year ago

 Join us on this Wednesday on twitch where we announce Deathstorm Pt 3's release date! From the official twitter