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Posted 2 years ago

 Rebellion, I hope this message gets to you...:

I LOVE YOU GUYS, I honestly do! 

I played SE1, 2 & 3 all downloaded from the web but since my SE4 deluxe pre-order, I can tell you - I am never going to illegally download your games again.

You have just added everything I missed from SE3 (no saving on authentic, custom scopes, etc.), you are doing an amazing work. I will gladly support your small independent studio rather than those EA fakes gigants.

You do not even need to do SE5, just keep adding this brilliant stuff to SE4 ;)  How about new overwatch maps in 3-6 months?

You won my heart a month ago by adding ZH-29 (Czechoslovak rifle) and now you just captured it again. Incredible stuff. I have been so impatient to discover the release date, but you just erased any doubts I had about you. Just keep on doing what you do best - entertaining us in the most realistic way an amateur sniper can hope for.

Your truthful fan,


Posted 2 years ago

I know I'm probably hitting a dead end here, but are there any players from Slovakia / Czech rep. playing this brilliant game? Ideally from Prague.

Ak áno, pridajte si ma na Steame :)