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Posted 2 years ago

 Rebellion is 180 people , ea games is 8,500 , ubisoft is 10,000 people

I knew going in that Season Pass would take until June , now maybe , sometime in July , between trading in games , returning pop bottles etc my actual cost was $10 for game/season pass , season pass/dlc has been a common practice for the last few years for games , either buy the extras , or not .

It's just a video game , not cancer ,not  terrorists , or earthquakes  , hurricanes , floods , pick your disaster  , it's just a video game .

Posted 2 years ago

 Good reply trepperly1 !

Wonder if carcano has served a tour of duty , I have , some of my mates have served multiple tours , so we have seen the "real" world .

Posted 2 years ago

 I agree with 


Posted 2 years ago

 Agree with  


But , hey , the pope , kings , queens , gov't  , have all LIED .

It's the way  the world has been & always will be , we humans LIE  , about far worse things than video games.

May , June were release  dates for Death Storm 3 , t.b.c. , to be confirmed , and they have yet to confirm anything

It's July 4th , in the "colonies"

O.K. my "cousins" are 241 years young today ,  

(1776 ring any bells?)

Where is DEATH STORM part 3 ?

CAN SNIPE 3,540 M .

Posted 2 years ago

 It's July first.


Where is DEATH STORM part 3 ?

Take off , eh !

CAN SNIPE 3,450 M .

Posted 2 years ago

 As BADLY as I want Deathstorm 3 to be released  , my hope is that Rebellion won't be rushed into releasing a glitch prone product  ie.  Sniper Elite 3 on PS3

Until it arrives I will try for 500+m/Authentic shots on soldiers on Railgun , using the 8 power Delisle Carbine with it's low muzzle velocity/damage

Posted 2 years ago

 Did you check your library ?

It's all the way to your right on same line as your games , press right d-pad button to get there .

Also , when you select mission , look to the bottom left hand corner , just above the back/select buttons . you should see square button DLC , PRESS IT , should show Deathstorm 1 & 2 , these do not show up on your regular missions list .

Hope this helps

I'm so old that a sniper in my day was anyone who could throw a rock 300 yards !

Posted 2 years ago

 Steady lads , "she'll " be here in good time .

Try playing game on authentic , right eye shots ONLY .

Or shoot the single gonad off Hitler

KILL driver/gunner on MAS boat