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Posted 11 months ago

 I can't get the "Bird in Hand" to unlock despite having shot all the stone eagles on 2 separate campaigns and having cleared all collectibles before the second run through.

Posted 11 months ago

 @Bees from Rebellion: I just tried the game on Xbox One and tagging is still in place on Authentic on Xbox One.  You said there might be a "slight" delay on Xbox One but your post is a day old now. 

Posted 11 months ago

 I'm like you, I like to take the long shots without aim assist and for that there's nothing better than the Moisin Nagant. You'd like something more or better for long range work, but given the technology of the times and the relatively limited range of weapons available historically, what would it be? What rifle do you have in mind? You seem to want a quantum leap in performance. I don't think that's really possible or plausible in this historical context because that weapon didn't exist.  If you want a quantum leap, take a look at Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 perhaps, which will give you the newer technology.  As for SE4, they've pretty much got the WW2 armamentarium covered and I don't know what more they can add apart from oddities like the Drilling or Japanese rifles, which were unremarkable. 

Posted 11 months ago

 The game doesn't force you to tag, but when you view a target to get the range you have to tag; and so it's a bit inconvenient to then untag. The point is, though, the level was fine before, and it's not clear why this change was made.  I agree with OP that it should be removed. 

Posted 1 year ago

When playing on Authentic, how do you upgrade your scope from being stuck on 4x and get binoculars that aren't stuck at 20x zoom? I've read  that you have to unlock all the upgrades for your rifle first, but I've done that and gotten the gold mastery skin and I'm still stuck with these optics.

Also, is there an explanation why the .30 US carbine was included as a sniper rifle? It's laughable in that role and was never used as one. It would be much more useful and fun as a secondary weapon and I hope Rebellion at some point would make it so.

Thanks for any insights....