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Posted 3 months ago

 I would like to bring up the idea of using both the German and Italian characters from Multiplayer to be allowed for use in the co-op modes and singleplayer.


Posted 3 months ago

 I would have to agree with you. I also want all the German and Italian characters from multiplayer to be allowed for use in the co-op modes and singleplayer.


Posted 7 months ago

 I would most definitely enjoy a Sniper Elite 5 game that would allow you to play from the Axis point of view. As what I mean is that it would let you play on the Eastern or Western front as a German Scharfsch├╝tze or Jager or an Italian Marksman. This would really lighten the mood for me and all others who have been wishing upon the day that we would be able to play as the Axis Powers in a video game. I was also thinking of different snipers like Simo Hayha(White Death), and being able to play as him on the Finnish Frontline in the 1930's to 40's. 


Posted 11 months ago

 There was an update that was just revealed and will be released with further details today. Look at the articles on the Steam news and it will provide further information, so that will allow you to change it in co-op and single-player. Hopefully that answers your question.


Posted 1 year ago

 If you were to shoot a real rifle which would be about 120-130 decibels, it would most definitely attract a lot of attention for enemy forces. But with a suppressor on that rifle it will have about 100 decibels or something below that. The Welrod is possibly the closest thing you will get to an actual silent weapon at which you could not tell a firearm was discharged at 10-15 feet. But if you were closer to that area than most of the enemy forces can hear it. So that is why they come running.


Posted 1 year ago

 That meaning the skins for the cooperative campaign and if the opportunity arose, single player it self.


Posted 1 year ago

 On the first day that I started playing Sniper Elite 4 I immediately loved it, and the other Sniper Elite games were suddenly compiled in to one which game me tears of joy. So when I go to play the cooperative mode I notice that their is an option for skins/character and I was happy to try and change it but I couldn't. I was thinking if you were allowed to change your character skin to any of those available in multiplayer it would provide for a better experience for the players and allow for more freedom of the players mind. I was thinking if the player was than it would attract more players to that mode and satisfy the mind of those wishing to act as an Allied commando with full camouflage gear on than OSS operative Karl Fairburne with his classic style with just a Camouflage jacket. Hopefully this idea would bring more players into the cooperative mode as most people don't actually play it to often compared to the release.


Posted 1 year ago

 If you select a character or skin that you want to play as, and if it is locked than it does say near the description of the skin on how to unlock it.