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Posted 1 year ago

 I gave up and repurchased the game through Steam. Everything here works fine, which is weird as hell.

Posted 1 year ago

 Yeah launching it via the Oculus desktop app (not the VR app) worked. Thank You!

p.s. neither re-installing the game, nor rebooting my computer, did anything.

Posted 1 year ago

 Some more information:

The audio only cuts out when I connect to another player, not just when I go Online. So I can start an online game and still have audio UNTIL another player joins my game, then my audio stops. If all other players leave my game, audio will return. it might be a bug associated with people mics being infinitely broadcasting from those players but nothing seems to happen when I mute them (I mean I can't tell because I couldn't hear them anyways).

Posted 1 year ago

 Game runs fine, and even the 1st time I took it online, it was fine. But now any subsequent attempts at playing online has had 0 audio. No amount of relaunching the app or restarting my computer has yielded any new results. Adjusting the Audio within the game doesn't seem to do anything. If I exit Online mode, then I get my audio back, menu beeps and all (as long as I'm not Online).

Anybody know a way around this issue? (or are even experiencing this same issue?)

Posted 1 year ago

 Same thing here, I got the game to launch cleanly one time but I had trouble with my initial Guardian setup (the virtual wall that shows your available play space, it was a fresh setup as I had just moved my computer). Anyways I closed the game while sitting in the dark cockpit. Then, after trying to relaunch the game, it only ever displays white and crashes instantly, i.e. windows displays the "close program" dialogue and even after waiting some time, the Oculus decides this game is just not starting. Will try to reinstall.