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Posted 11 months ago

No worries bud, thought it was worth a shot. Thanks for responding in a adult manner at least, instead of an angry 12 year old(see above) ;). Take it easy man.

Posted 11 months ago

 I don't own it BECAUSE of the indicater, I detest them, didn't I make that clear. Whats it got to do with you anyway?, I'm making a suggestion to Rebellion, who are you, their mother?

Posted 11 months ago

Please will you add an option to remove the hit indicater, I don't understand how you can have all these graphic options, and yet neglect to include a way to disable it. An X flashing onscreen everytime I shoot someone is highly irritating and hardly"authentic". Its even been added to SE2 via a patch and I haven't bought 4 yet because of it, find them very immersion breaking and unnecessary. I understand some people seem to like this new feature, but you can easily include a toggle for those that don't. Thanks.


Posted 1 year ago

 Okay, so another one my favourite franchise's has been tainted by what I think, is without doubt the most annoying feature of modern gaming, hit indicaters, the X that flashes when you shoot someone, I detest them. I understand there useful for multiplayer, but why is every single dev determined to implement them into single player content?. Hitman, Just Cause 3 to name a few, even old games like Call of Juarez have had patches that add them, with no option to switch them off, are gamers request them?. Doesn't anybody in the whole team think, wait a min, maybe some won't like hit markers, lets put a toggle to disable them in the menu, a simple solution. I know some will be saying its not that big a deal, but it is to me and I know im not alone, it ruins any kind of immersion and im hypersensitivie to anything that flashes onscreen. The best way to describe it to people who don't get it is to use movies as an example. Imagine the director decided to go back to all your fav fims and put a X marker onscreen everytime someone got shot to indicate a hit, you think it was lame and annoying right, well its exact same thing for me in videogames. I just find them completely unnecessary and highly distracting. Sorry about the long post but this is a big issue for me as its ruining my enjoyment of what I think is a fantastic game. A simple on\off toggle in the video settings, thats all it takes, please consider this in future content, cheers.