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Posted 2 years ago

 Personally, i just don't think the game is very good. Certainly not up to the  standard of the last two, and certainly three if you include the first game on PS2. They just seemed to make it an arcade shoot em up like game. 

You can be an area, and silence shoot an enemy in the head from short distance with a welrod, and it seems the whole maps hears it and come after you, to be a huge " me against a whole army" maelstrom, as compared to past games. 

There's absolutely no character customization (unheard of in this  day and age), and on MP, just a relative  few skins, and even having have to buy a ghillie suit per dlc.  On SE 3, they gave you a myriad of different uniforms. 

The graphics as well took a bit of a hit,, and when he's in bushes, you see all the pixelation making it look terrible. 

The MP i'm seeing jaggies and all, and the maps  waaay too small as compared to SE 3 (the whole game is smaller the  SE3). And the movement of the character  is way too sensitive, and the character way too small for the screen.

Look, all in all, i tried to get my money back for this game, but didn't happen, and supposedly i got an update on Xbox, of like  6gb, and they did not even mention here what it even entails (unless i missed something). 

The game just missed the mark in so many ways, and i would gather folks are just not playing it, and i can't blame them, and so maybe that's why they gave up.

To find balance is there anything you do like about this game? Is it really all that bad for you?

I'm just curious as I actually found that most of your points were elements of the game that I found well considered and constructed and in my opinion for example added to the 'realistic' nature of AI's within the single player mode.

Posted 2 years ago

 Very impressed with the new Urban map, although a slight shame you can't play "No Cross".

Will future maps support "No Cross"?

Posted 2 years ago

A good idea. Spawning back onto the other team that you have just been working your butt off to whoop really sucks.

Posted 2 years ago

 The lure of Sniper Elite 4 has lured me back. It's been a long sabbatical since SE2 and I must say i'm very impressed with the new deal. Almost unbelievable gameplay within deliciously looking maps make this an amazing game, and from what I gather there'll be more maps on offer soon - Thanks Rebellion!