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Posted 2 years ago

 Yep. Some many of these UI handicaps that are in every game actually hinder a lot of good gameplay tension that could be there. 

I get that in games like COD or Halo or something like that the idea is non stop action and instant gratification. But in a tactical military shooter, NOT KNOWING is a huge part of the suspense that makes it interesting. In a true sniper game, the only things we should know are what we can see with our eyes and ears. 

Posted 2 years ago

 Exactly. Everybody I know (which is the usual group playing pure sniper on PS4) is sharing the same sentiment. We want a true hardcore mode, or at least the ability to fully customize our own game settings. The current ones just don't make any sense. 

There are a few other things as well. Elimination is great, but it needs a reasonable time limit. You get down to one guy and he camps hard for 15 minutes before anybody finds him. Just boring. Five minute rounds would be more than adequate. 

Posted 2 years ago

 Survival on urban is much harder than the other maps. Very happy about that. 

Posted 2 years ago

 Additionally, why can we not make our own custom game settings? A lot of the presets don't make sense. Head shots only, but aim assist is on? Why is there not an authentic (i.e. no UI handicaps, no bullet trails, nothing) mode for PVP? Essentially pure sniper but with the other weapons available and not one shot kills. 

Posted 2 years ago

 If you upgrade the weapons the springfield gets outclassed by several other rifles. Almost all of the rifles are balanced in one respect or another against the others. For instance, the Mosin (fully upgraded) has the best long range killing power and straightest flying bullet but is slow between shots and only holds five rounds. The springfield is slightly less in many regards but shoots a little faster. The KAR98 is close to those two but sacrifices some power for better handling. 

If you upgrade the weapons they each end up having their own place in the lineup for however you prefer to play. Some, like the swedish mauser or mannlicher, seem to pale a little compared to other choices, but each has it's own unique feel and is viable. 

Reading many of the complaints it is clear that the complainers haven't grasped at the depth involved here. And upgrading the weapons is meant to be a challenge. Forcing the player to perform certain actions challenges them to develop new tactics/gameplay styles. The freedom is that you don't have to do it. The upgrades are not essential, but significant enough that I think they are worth the challenges. 

I've tried every gun in the game and all are viable. My usual choices are Mosin for long range pure sniper PVP, KAR98 for mid-to-long range general purpose, Garand/Gewehr for any urban map.

Posted 2 years ago

 I don't care if you disagree and don't like the game as much as me, but at least make a decent argument about it. 

Posted 2 years ago

Well, how does a whole army hear a silenced shot from what seems a mile away? That's not being nitpicky, that's just poor game design.

I think they were under pressure to make  the  AI 'smarter", and in essence broke the thing in the process. But that was just one of my points. The game just seemed to have regressed if anything, not gotten better.

 Everything you said was minor nitpicky things, not core game elements or mechanics. And if you kill one guy with a suppressed weapon (no such thing as a "silencer"), and anybody else is within 100 meters or so, or perhaps his buddy wonders were he is after a moment (which happens in authentic because it turns out Nazis can count), they radio it, presumably. 

Just because you haven't figured out how the game functions doesn't mean it doesn't have a well functioning logic to it. Sounds like, for the moment at least, SE4 is still smarter than you.

Posted 2 years ago

 That looks like inconsequential and nit-picky stuff to me. 

And why shouldn't enemies from all over know your location after you killed someone at close range with a pistol? They have radios. You have to think a little further than that. Sounds like you aren't up to the challenge. 

Posted 2 years ago

 I've probably enjoyed this game more than any other in... well, a long time. I don't typically purchase DLC and season passes, but I bought it all with this game because I want to see more SE and Rebellion titles!

It is rare for me to both enjoy and also respect a game title. Many games I enjoy for a while, but after so many hours I lose interest and just start to see the game for it's faults. SE4, IMO, is a game with real depth and artistic integrity. I've more than enjoyed my money's worth from this game and will continue to for a long time. I just wish more people played Pure Sniper and authentic modes online.

In addition to sending Rebellion my monies, I've written a character limit maxed review on Metacritic under the same title BIGTIMEMASTER. 

Posted 2 years ago

 I made this account for the same reason as well. 

I completely agree about the XP counters. I wish I could turn all the nonsense off. I love the game to death, but the arcadey stuff (which I do like, just not in authentic mode) really breaks immersion, which is one of my favorite things about this game. It's the most immersive military shooter I've played since the original Ghost Recon games, and Arma of course. 

Posted 2 years ago

 Anybody want to play some pure sniper or hardcore modes online or co-op?

PSN BesNGratest. I play in western US timezone during the day. I actually really like the MP in this game but sadly, like OP stated, not enough people play it on the modes I like. 

Like, what is the point of a sniper game if everybodies position can be seen at a glance by the huge scope glares? Even on night time maps! I wish the devs would reduce scope glint (even in SP) to a realistic level. You should still have to look really hard to find it. 

Posted 2 years ago

 Agree with OP. 

This is the first SE game I have played. From the get go, I have exclusively played on Authentic. It took a few iterations of the first mission for me to get a hang of things, but now I can move through each mission without dying once and only rarely having an "oh-shit" situation. 

Granted, I am an experienced gamer and I do move through the levels very slowly and cautiously, but I feel that Authentic mode should disable healthkits and give the player the same damage model as the enemies (i.e. three hits KO, one organ hit/head shot KO). 

Additionally, I do think that the enemy AI is fantastic. Best I've seen in any game. But they need to shoot more often and have quicker reaction times. Basically as long as you don't get completely surrounded you can just shoot them before their reaction time sets in. 

All that said, I want to say I am very pleasantly surprised with this game and I look forward to purchasing and supporting more works like this in the future.