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Posted 2 years ago

 These are achievements,that are not showing up after beating the main campaign (100% complete)!

Following Orders

Mother knows best

Weaver's Warrior

The Collector

A Bird in the Hand...

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Posted 2 years ago

Hi there,

dunno why,but recently I started again with SE3 to get 100% copletion as I was 99% (missed weapon part). Before, the was OK,no crashes.  Now I get crash every 5 mins of play. Important to say,that the game crashes only during non-stop play (5mins). Found some posts on web,that it might be because new drivers. I am using GTX780 SC (Evga). Like I wrote,the game was running smooth without crash. Can you please confirm this? Any solution? THX 

Posted 2 years ago

 Found another bug: when I equip camo for rifle and unlock new upgrade the camo will change to default wooden stock. Testet on 2 different levels and two different rifles. Tested only night camo!

Posted 2 years ago

 Hi all,

noticed that after patch, the game shows me "yellowed new item" in Multiplayer and Player loudout even after checking everything. Not a big deal,but wanted to let you know. Cant wait for new missions/rifles. (Add American Enfield M1917 please!

Hope for SE5 located in France or Russia as next :-)

Posted 2 years ago

 Yes,I would feel more stealthy with glillie suit, not only camo for my rifle. Thus add those camos from SE3 (stg44 etc) to the game. PS: Add my fav rifle American Enfield from SE3.