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Posted 2 years ago


We now have anti camp/action features built into Elimination. You should no longer get stalemates where you cannot find each other.

 Elimination is a great mode, but I feel like it is inherently flawed because as soon as a team wins a round, they can simply hide for the remainder of the game to get the win if they wish. It's the same problem with team deathmatch and no cross, by having a score limit but also a countdown timer it means a team can take the lead and then run the clock down. I think rather than it being a countdown timer, the score limit simply has to be reached in order to win. 

 Any plans in the future to remove auto team balancing and adding a custom preset mode like we've discussed here? 

Posted 2 years ago

 Additionally, why can we not make our own custom game settings? A lot of the presets don't make sense. Head shots only, but aim assist is on? Why is there not an authentic (i.e. no UI handicaps, no bullet trails, nothing) mode for PVP? Essentially pure sniper but with the other weapons available and not one shot kills. 

 I agree, in fact I already made a post about this too, there needs to be an option to create your own preset from scratch, it doesn't make sense to me that you are making your own game but all the settings are locked to different presets. The one that doesn't make sense to me the most is Hardcore, it is supposed to be hardcore yet aim assist is on? I want to make a true hardcore game with no aim assist, no bullet trail, no scope glint, wind on low not high, but I can't. It seems any preset you select there are always settings you don't want. 


Posted 2 years ago

My biggest issue with the multiplayer in this game, is that the game forces teams to auto balance during games, this is a problem for a few reasons. First of all when playing with a group of friends you want to be on the same team, you play together and then all of a sudden someone new joins the game and one of the friends you're playing with gets moved onto the other team, which is frustrating when you are playing together purely to be on the same team. The other annoying reason is that you can do really well in a game, helping your team be in the lead, and then suddenly be moved to the losing side, and ultimately lose the game. 


 There simply needs to be an option when you create your own game to turn off auto balancing, and the game should recognise how many players are on each team so that when a new player joins mid game, they are put on the side with the least players, leave team balancing up to the host. 

Posted 2 years ago

 They need to remove auto balancing during games, it makes sense at the start of the game, but for it to happen during a game is ridiculous. I've lost count the amount of times I've contributed to a team being in the lead, only to be auto balanced onto the losing team and losing at the end, needs to be turned off. 


Posted 2 years ago

 In multiplayer when creating a game, once you have selected a mode, you are only able to select a game type from a list of presets, i.e Hardcore, Pure Sniper etc. The problem with this though is that it doesn't offer enough of a custom game, you can't change how long a round lasts or the score limit, and you can toggle any settings on or off. 

For example my favourite mode is Hardcore, but I don't necessarily want wind speed on strong, and I want sprinting turned on, with a longer round time than 20 minutes. I would like the option to create my own preset when creating a game from scratch with me being able to choose all my own settings, if I make this a public game, players could see all of the settings before deciding if they want to join. 

I also hope the team brings back Capture the flag back from SE3.