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Posted 2 years ago

 YOU are not alone. God is with you, mare.

Posted 2 years ago

 Hello folk´s.  Meanwhile I got the PLATINUM TROPHY. It was a hard works to find out how to get it with this broken game. I have been requested to spread out the info how i did it. You will find the info in a PS4 community. Go to:  "SE4 Bugs Inn". There I have described the way I got the trophies. I tried many different way´s. This is the one I know and it works. Be aware, that is the way for players which have done anything before the patches came out. Hope this will help you to climb the rock of success. Good luck, PYRO...


Posted 2 years ago


 @ Bullet tooth tony: YES, I am a real gamer. A disappointed gamer because of all the things I did to get this trophies.

@ McTroll: RIGHT, should be spread to whole community. Bud I will do not (at the moment). I would like to see what REBELLION is doing to solve that. They came back with the answear: Should be solved with PATCH 1.05. I do not know what they solved, but it was not the problem I had. To remind you: about 5 days after release I had fullfilled every thing to get that mentioned trophies. I wrote emails to REBELLION. They did something but the issue still exists.

What I can tell anyone, which have completed the whole game, bevor PATCH 1.05 has been released "YOU HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN". Play the game twice and you will be surprised. I did the game now for 14 Times. If you will get the solution now, contact me under the above mentioned name.

I will see what REBELLION is planned to do.

Note: I am working now to collect any collectible again, to get this PLATINUM Trophie.

For sure, I never will buy a game done by REBELLION. Take a look back to SE3, ask the ones who lost their progress again and again. I guess they have no "lessens learned" sheet or a corective action report to avoid things.

@ REBELLION, you should ask your Quality Department and your so called testers. It would be interresting what have tested. Was it really SE4 ? (Sorry, I could not resist that). Feel free to remove this from the message board.


Posted 2 years ago

 Hello ALRASHED. As you know I have the same issue as you have. Contact me under pyrowarrior on by note on PS4. After 3 Days of Investigation, I solved the issue. Look at my Profile, trophies: I got the Trophies now. As mentioned, contact me I tell you what to do. PYRO...

Posted 2 years ago

Just for Information. StoneEagle BUG, Colletibles BUG and Sniper Report BUG still not solved. I deeleted the whole game (Profile included), played the game since release date now for the 8th time. everything is done. Still no trophy. If the game has beeing tested in pre-Launch Phase, what is the testing crew saying to this?

Posted 2 years ago

Yes same to me. All DeadEyeTargets shot, all sniper reports collected and every letter and all docs. No Trophy. I reportet this to Rebellion already. No patch could solve this issue. Normaly I should have PLATINUM. Look at the Trophy list. Since release date These 3 trophies are missed. Only a few earned this.


Posted 2 years ago

 Hello all, new maps (night forrest, desthstorm) and the new game mode looking interesting.

I installed the patch this morning.

It works so far,but one Thing is missing.

As mentioned before, everthing, from my side, is fullfilled to get the the PLATINUM Trophy.

Greatest Hits, A bird in the Hand (Deadeye Targest), still missing.

Do I have to remove the whole game from the PS4 System and to reinstall it ?

Do I have to Play the whole game again?

Do I have to do it to get the missing trophies ? 

Thanks in advance for the reply . . .

Posted 2 years ago

 Hello to all the SNIPERS out there and of course to Rebellion.

Will the new patch solve the following issues, I have (probably more players than me) ?

I played the whole campaign several times but still the same issues as followed:

I shot all Stone Eagles: got no throphy (magazeno shows nine eagles, you can shot only 3)

I collected all Sniper Reports: got no throphy

Furthermore: are u able to corrrect the Leaderboard Ranking to the correct numbers ?

For instance: the leaderbord shows for longest Shot Distance: 2147483648m

bud the real one is: 421,45m.

Can you correct this ?

Posted 2 years ago

 same happened to me. collected all sniper reports: no trophy, all Stone eagles: no trophy, koop mode: shoot distance replaced by a row of numbers (other Players are thinking Iam a cheater),. please correct that issue.