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Posted 2 years ago

 After spam clicking on the coop button, it finally launched into coop. That's a neat feature. Then I send my friend an invite, and when he goes to accept, guess what, tells him that portion of the game isn't installed yet. He had just been playing it, so I know his works.

Posted 2 years ago

Can someone please explain to me how to fix this? And not to sound rude, but please do not suggest that I check the info on the game to see if it is downloading anything, because it isn't. I installed the game on release day, played through the first mission fine, with no issues. Today, I come back to play it and wanted to play coop, but it blasts error 11406 every single time I select coop. I try to go to continue my game, again it says this portion is not installed. Same thing happens when I attempt to start a new campaign. I deleted the game, downloaded the update, around 1.95GB, then launch the game again, still the same exact problem. This is quite frankly, a joke. I've never seen a game just refuse to work like this. Upon attempting to search for the error code, I find absolutely nothing related to it. I deleted all the save game info, deleted the game from my PS4, restarted the console, then downloaded everything again, and still it does not work. My friend, who is able to play the game fine, did the exact same steps, downloaded the exact same file size, and his game works fine.