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Posted 2 years ago

 You just have have to install then re installed worked fine for me now unlocked in game pre  order stuff was Locked saying installed delete it and re installed 

Posted 2 years ago

 Just in install then re install same


Me xbox one but I won't be playing till the reset glitch is fixed that's rediculous it if you want the dlc in game in install target and weapon pack for pre order and re install it will be available in game 

Posted 2 years ago

 Ok Xbox one nervous to

Play considering this reset glitch but the dlc u need to in install and then re install if ore ordered other wise it will just say installed I unitalled and re installed and now it is all there in game 

Posted 2 years ago

 Mine wasn't locked also I in installed the dlc and camp and re installed and it isn't now available in the menus