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Posted 2 years ago

thanks for heads up i am done with lazy devs and lucky i bought it today but here in Canada after tax on west its $90 and i think i will return my copy for a refund and wait for it used and tell they fix this issue becuase this game is bugged from save files to dlc still not unlocking and smaller issues its disgusting that they released this and it shows they dont test there games. actually i am a onyx member so i have 14 days to refund any game and for anyreason so if i beat it in that time i can still get a refund on new game at EB so i think i will plow through it and get a refund then buy and keep a game were devs release a working game

Posted 2 years ago

 same i just wasted $8 can on dlc as i just got home with the game and bought two dlc packs and none bloody work there installed but locked. sick of incomptent game companies taking are money and then taking way to long to fix somthing that should never have ben busted and worse they are so greedy they wont give a dam refund so they just stole my money in my eyes becuas i will have finnished the dam game by the time its fixed

Posted 2 years ago

 It is showing it as locked still i have re downloaded and restarted game plenty of times . how about a dam refund whats the bloody point if i Finnish the game before you guys even fix the issue.